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ComfortTile Underfloor Radiant Heating System

A Proven Floor Warming Solution

ComfortTile underfloor heating cable sets the quality standard for radiant floor warming, preferred by professional builders and homeowners alike. This effective heat cable is also available pre-woven into easy-to-install mats and is less than 1/8-inch thick, so it can be installed just below the surface, within the floor compound. No cement floating is required, resulting in simple installation and minimal floor buildup.

Safe, Durable and Long Lasting - The durable ComfortTile cable is ideal for a wide variety of radiant floor heating applications, including tile, stone, and even concrete for in-slab heating under carpeted floors. Warmzone ComfortTile floor heating cable features ground fault (GFCI) protection, emits no measurable electromagnetic field (EMF), ComfortTile underfloor heating installed under tile floor. and is the only radiant floor heating cable to pass the REECE safety test. Covered by a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty, ComfortTile cable is designed to deliver safe, radiant floor heating for a lifetime.

Simple Installation - The Warmzone floor heating cable can be installed by any competent "do-it-yourself" handyman, contractor, or electrician. The thin heating cable and unique ComfortTile spacing straps allow for easy accommodation of custom areas of floor heating. Adjustments of cable spacing and coverage can be made on-site, eliminating the need for custom sizes. The thermostat-controlled cable has been harnessed with a convenient single lead to simplify the floor heating installation and final hookup.

Tile setters prefer the ComfortTile radiant floor heating system not only because of its durability and ease of installation, but also because it does not raise the floor height noticeably. The ComfortTile underfloor radiant heating system is commonly installed under bathroom floors, kitchens, and laundry rooms, as well as other areas throughout the home.

Superior Performance - This premier radiant floor warming system provides a rapid response time and unlike forced air systems, the ComfortTile floor warming system operates quietly without stirring up dust, allergens, and other airborne particulates associated with forced air systems. The ComfortTile electric radiant heat system is a silent, energy-efficient floor heating solution that typically costs less than forced air heating systems and is more energy efficient.

Quality Construction and Components - Warmzone ComfortTile systems come complete with a programmable, seven-day setback thermostat and ComfortTile strapping to secure and properly space the GFCI protected heating cable. The twin conductor heating cable is matched with premium materials, enabling the Warmzone ComfortTile cable to withstand the harshest conditions while providing safe, superior performance, and fast response times combined with minimal energy consumption. ComfortTile cables are UL/CSA approved and feature a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty. ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Systems

ComfortTile Radiant Heat Cable – Features and Benefits

Product Feature Benefit
ComfortTile cable and mat Warmzone ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Mat, Cable and GFCI Thermostat Single Point Connection

Twin-conductor Cables

Less than 1/8-inch thick

Pre-installed Mat Format

Durable Construction Materials and Superior Engineering

Only the single lead wire needs to be connected to the thermostat, allowing you to layout the entire cable length without having to return the end back to the thermostat.

Cancels out harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Results in flexibility and minimal floor buildup, enhancing ease of customization and simple installation.

Ensures proper spacing of the ComfortTile floor heating cable and simplifies the installation process.

Results in top performing, reliable and energy-efficient floor heating system. All Warmzone heat cable is covered by the industry's most comprehensive manufacturer warranty.

ComfortTile - Warmzone's Most Recommended Radiant Floor Heating System

Warmzone ComfortTile electric floor heating cable systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. The ComfortTile cable is only 1/8 of an inch in diameter, allowing you to install a radiant heated floor with minimal floor buildup. The cable is also very flexible, so your layout can be easily customized on site, and features single-point connection (single termination), so you can layout the entire length of the cable without returning the end back to the thermostat. Strapping for ComfortTile floor heating cable.

The easy-to-install floor heating system also features twin-conductor cables, which cancel out harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and comes with a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty. ComfortTile cable strapping (right) is included with each ComfortTile radiant floor heating package, as well as a programmable, 7-day setback thermostat.

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ComfortTile heating mat

ComfortTile heat cable spool
ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Mat ComfortTile Floor Heating Cable GFCI "Touch" Thermostat

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ComfortTile Heat Cable – Technical Specs


Minimum bending radius:

Minimum use temperature:

Maximum permissible use temperature:

Bus wire type:

Maximum resistance protective braid:

Minimum braid coverage:


120V, 240VAC Slippers on a heated floor


-22°F (-30°C)

150°F (65°C) powered / 185° F (85°C) un-powered

16 AWG, tinned copper

0.0055 Ω/ft. (0.0182 Ω/m)

70 percent

0.45 x 0.216 inches (11.5 x 5.5 mm)