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Warmzone FilmHeat Radiant Floor Heating System

FilmHeat underfloor heating systems feature a paper-thin, yet highly effective heating element that can be cut on site. The floor heating system requires no floor buildup and provides even, regulated warmth across the floor. The FilmHeat system is one of the best values for installing radiant underfloor heat, and is particularly well suited for heating laminate flooring.

FilmHeat floor heating elements And because the heating element is so thin, the FilmHeat floor heating system efficiently heats floors without causing any floor buildup. When installing the system, the heating panels are cut to their proper length on site, and then installed over the subfloor. After the FilmHeat heating elements are secured, the electrical connections are then made and the laminate floor is installed directly over the panels.

FilmHeat can also be used to retrofit existing floors with radiant heat. Know as RetroHeat, the system is installed by accessing the floor joists from below. The heating panels are stapled up between the floor joists. Batt insulation is then applied over the heating element to efficiently direct all the heat upwards, resulting in an affordable and effective way to add radiant floor heating to existing floors.

The FilmHeat floor heating element is easy to install, but to maintain the validity of the warranty, a qualified electrician must connect the wiring. The floor heating system is UL approved and carries a generous 10-year warranty.

FilmHeat Radiant Floor Heating Systems
FilmHeat Radiant Floor Heating Systems

FilmHeat floor heating systems
FilmHeat Features and Benefits

Low Cost

No Floor Buildup

Safe and Reliable

Easy Installation


Energy Efficient

Maintenance Free

Programmable Thermostat


The FilmHeat system is affordable to purchase and operate.

The paper-thin heating element is only 0.016-inches thick, resulting in no floor buildup.

The heating panels are UL, ETL, NEMKO and CE listed and EMC certified for safety.

The FilmHeat system can be cut on site, making installation quick and easy.

Allows you efficiently heat only the rooms you want, when you want.

There is virtually no heat loss, as 99 percent of the energy is converted directly into heat.

The FilmHeat system contains no moving parts so you don't have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs.

Gives you flexibility to set the primary heat setting as well as heating schedule to accommodate your weekly routine.

Comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.