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Floor Heating Installation Tips and Photos

How to Install a Radiant Underfloor Heating System

Preparing bathroom floor for radiant heat installation. Electric underfloor heating systems are relatively simple to install. The thin, flexible radiant heat cable allows you to easily customize your floor warming system to meet the unique layout of your home or office. Warmzone carries a variety of premier floor heating systems that are designed to deliver safe, efficient heating that will provide decades of comfortable warmth for you and your family.

The ComfortTile floor heating system is not difficult to install. However, for warranty purposes, it is necessary to have a qualified electrician wire the system. Homeowners can do much of the installation themselves. The cable can be laid out and secured to the subloor with ease. Thinset is then applied over the heating cable and tile is then installed on top.

Radiant Heated Floor Installation

Installing ComfortTile Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

To install a heated floor in your bathroom, follow the procedure outlined below.
(For more detailed instructions, please refer to the product installation manual.)

Step 1

Measure the room and draw a sketch to help you calculate which floor heating package you will need. Then sketch in the position of the ComfortTile floor heating mat.
Preparing bathroom floor for radiant heat installation.
Step 2

Mark the positioning of the toilet before you remove it. (Use a marker to draw around the base.) This helps you avoid placing the toilet on top of the floor heating mat, and allows you to position the ComfortTile cable accordingly so you avoid piercing it with the toilet screws.
Measure and mark areas to apply radiant heat.
Step 3

Cut a channel approximately 10 mm (¼-½-inch) deep and about an inch wide in the wall and about 3½ feet out into the subfloor. (This groove runs from the wall-mounted thermostat down to the heat cable in the floor.)

Glue the flex pipe for the sensor into this channel and seal the end of the pipe with a piece of tape.
Cut a groove in the sub-floor for the thermostat.
Step 4

Clean the floor thoroughly, removing all dirt and soap residue, then lay out the self-adhesive cable mat. The floor surface must be primed if you are not laying the mat on existing tiles.
Installing electric radiant heated floor
Step 5

Clip through the flexible netting to allow placement of the heat cable over or around objects as needed.

CAUTION: Make sure that you only cut the mesh backing and do not cut or damage the floor heating cable!
Cutting backing for installation of radiant heated floor mat
Step 6

When you reach corners or objects that require custom fitting, turn the ComfortTile floor heating mat (after the netting has been cut) and use the self-adhesive back to position it as required. (Make sure that the subfloor is swept clean so that it is free of dust and particles prior to securing the heating mat.) The self-adhesive backing can withstand 10-20 adjustments, so you can move the mat several times until you are satisfied with the placement.
Warmzone ComfortTile underfloor heating mats can be easily customized to accommodate the layout of your floor.
Step 7

Depending on the new floor surface you are installing, after you have positioned the ComfortTile cable mat, you can encapsulate it using a self-leveling screed or cover it with a thin layer of Quick Level or thin-set (tile adhesive). Now you are ready to install the finish surface of your new radiant heated floor.
Applying thinset directly over the ComfortTile floor heating cable.

In-Slab Heat Cable – New Construction Heated Floor Installation

Warmzone In-Slab floor heating cable is extremely durable, and designed particularly for in-slab floor heating applications, as shown below. The heat cable is embedded directly into the concrete slab. (Secure the cable to the remesh by using zip ties.)

Heat cable installed in concrete for heated tile floor.     In-Slab heat cable installed under carpet floor