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Warmzone In-Slab Underfloor Heating Cable

In-Slab Floor Heating Cable - Durable and Versatile

Radiant heated floor. Warmzone In-Slab cable is a durable, high quality electric floor heating cable that can be installed to provide energy efficient radiant heat for virtually any type of home or office flooring, including hardwood, carpet and tile. The rugged heating element is typically the cable of choice for installation in new concrete slab applications. The thermal heating cable effectively warms the underfloor slab and distributes heat evenly throughout the flooring. For installation in concrete pours, the UL listed cable is tied directly to the re-mesh and embedded at least ½-inch below the surface

In-Slab heat cable is energized to warm a thermal mass below the floor surface. In-Slab heat cable the ideal way to take advantage of local on-peak and off-peak energy pricing. When the power system is in off-peak times, energy rates are lower. When on-peak times resume, the radiant floor heating system shuts off and the heat stored in the floor gently emanates across the floor surface for hours. The floor heating thermal storage system provides a clean, energy efficient, and cost-effective method for silently heating your floors.

Designed to last a lifetime, In-Slab floor heating cable features the most comprehensive manufacturer warranty in the industry. In addition to the cable's 10-year warranty, the manufacturer promises to cover any labor costs associated with having to replace any defective cable. In-Slab Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Warmzone In-Slab Floor Heating Cable

Product Feature Benefit
Illustration of In-Slab floor heating cable. Protective, Waterproof, Metallic Shield

Thin, Heavy-duty Design

In-floor sensor

Single Point Connection

UL Listed

10-year manufacturer warranty

Safe for use in wet and dry applications. The rugged In-Slab heat cable is the premier floor heating solution for in-slab underfloor installations.

Provides accurate, energy-efficient performance

Simplifies installation, allowing you to layout the entire cable length without having to return the end back to the thermostat.

Provides safe, effective floor heating while meeting fire code and insurance requirements

Proven reliability

Warmzone In-Slab Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Warmzone In-Slab radiant floor heating cables are the basis of an efficient, long term indoor floor heating system. Designed for comfort and convenience, the In-Slab heat cable consistently distributes even heat across the floor surface, providing you with reliable, maintenance-free operation.

In-Slab floor heating systems are flexible, extremely durable and easy to install. The In-Slab floor warming system features single-point connection and can be easily custom sized to fit into any size or shape of room. The cable is required to be embedded in at least 1/2-inch of concrete or mortar, which allows the cable to be installed under any type of floor, including hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile, marble, and more. Because the radiant floor heating cable has a protective, waterproof, metallic shield, it is safe for use in both wet and dry applications.

Required Item: GFCI Thermostat
The In-Slab radiant floor heating system is controlled by a thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor (which must be purchased separately).The floor heating thermostat is fully programmable, ensuring ideal comfort and energy-efficient operation. The thermostat includes a clock function that allows you to set multiple events per day as well as weekday and weekend settings. You can program the radiant floor heating system to warm your floors in the morning and then automatically shutoff when you leave for work. Likewise, it can be programmed to turn on shortly before you arrive home for the day, so you are welcomed home by comfortable, warm floors. The programmable feature ensures you are heating your home (and specific rooms) only as you need.

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Programmable Touch thermostat for radiant heated floor system.
Sun on tile floor.
Warmzone In-Slab Heating Cable Programmable Floor Heating Thermostat Heated Marble Floor

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In-Slab Heat Cable Summary and Technical Specs

Product Features

Technical Specs

Versatile, rugged design allows for use in many applications

Twin conductor cable

Single point connection

Waterproof, metallic protective shield

Durable construction materials

Genuine 10-year non-prorated warranty

Emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Expert design / Proven and trusted industry-leading heat cable

Rated Voltage:

Power Output:

Cable Diameter:

Core Insulation:

Outer Sheath:

Max. External Jacket Temperature:

Max. Conductor Insulation Temperature:

Certified Approvals:

120-600 V (For 120, 208, 277, 600 V, please call.)

12 W/ft. (40W/m), 24-70W/ft.(2)

¼ inch (7 mm)

ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer)


158°F (70°C)

302°F (150°C)